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Art Garfunkel   

Aktivní od: 1941
Žánry: Pop, Rock
Země: USA
Zobrazeno: 4573x
Fanoušci: 0


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Rise Against

Everything Waits To Be Noticed (2002)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
Bounce--+ +
Thead, The--+ +
Kid, The--+ +
Crossing Lines--+ +
Everything Waits To Be Noticed--+ +
Young And Free--+ +
Perfect Moment--+ +
Turn, Don't Turn Away--+ +
Wishbone--+ +
How Did You Know--+ +
What I Love About Rain--+ +
Every Now And Then--+ +
Another Only One--+ +

The Best of Art garfunkel (1999)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
99 Miles From La--+ +
Disney Girls--+ +
Miss you night--+ +
She Moved Through the Fair--+ +
She moves through the fair--+ +
Looking for the Right One--+ +
Saturday suit--+ +
Crying in my sleep--+ +
Heart In New York--+ +

Lefty (1988)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
When a Man Loves a Woman--+ +
So Much in Love--+ +
I Have a Love--+ +
This Is the Moment--+ +
Slow Breakup--+ +
Love Is the Only Chain--+ +
I Wonder Why--+ +
King of Tonga--+ +
If Love Takes You Away--+ +
The Promise--+ +

The Art Garfunkel Album (1984)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
99 Miles From L.A--+ +
I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)--+ +
Watermark--+ +
Sometimes When I'm Dreaming--+ +
Travellin' Boy--+ +
Travelling Boy--+ +
The Same Old Tears on a New Background--+ +

Scissors Cut (1981)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
Scissor Cut--+ +
Up in the World--+ +
Hang on In--+ +
So Easy To Begin--+ +
Can't Turn My Heart Away--+ +
The French Waltz--+ +
In Cars--+ +
That's All I've Got to Say--+ +

Fate For Breakfast (1979)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
And I Know--+ +
Miss You Nights--+ +
In A Little While (I'll be on my way)--+ +
Sail On A Rainbow--+ +
Beyond The Tears--+ +
Finally Found a Reason--+ +
Oh How Happy--+ +
When Someone Doesn't Want You--+ +
Take Me Away--+ +

Angel Clare (1973)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
Another Lullaby--+ +
I Shall Sing--+ +
Traveling Boy--+ +
Down in the Willow Garden--+ +
Old Man--+ +
Feuilles-Oh/Do Space Men Pass Dead Souls on Their--+ +
Medley: Feuilles-Oh/Do Space Men Pass Dead Souls O--+ +
Mary Was an Only Child--+ +
Woyaya--+ +
Barbara Allen--+ +

Garfunkel (0000)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
(What A) Wonderful World--+ +
99 miles from L.A.--+ +
Break away--+ +
Scissors cut--+ +
What a Wonderful World--+ +
I Only Have Eyes For You--+ +
Second Avenue--+ +

Songs from a Parent to a Child (0000)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?--+ +
Morning Has Broken--+ +
Daydream--+ +
Baby Mine--+ +
Secret o' Life--+ +
The Things We've Handed Down--+ +
Things We've Handed Down--+ +
You're a Wonderful One--+ +
Good Luck Charm--+ +
Lasso the Moon--+ +
Dreamland--+ Ano
The Lord's Prayer / Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep--+ +
Lord's Prayer/Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep--+ +

Up 'til Now (0000)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
All My Love's Laughter--+ +
Since I don't have you--+ +
Crying in the rain--+ +
Why Worry--+ +
Just Over the Brooklyn Bridge--+ +
The Breakup--+ +
Skywriter--+ +
The Decree--+ +
The Decree--+ +
It's All in the Game--+ +
One Less Holiday--+ +
Two Sleepy People--+ +

Across America (0000)

Název písně CoveryTaby Akordy
A heart in New York--+ +
A Poem on the Underground Wall--+ +
All I Know--+ +
Bright eyes--+ Ano
I Will--+ +
The Sound of Silence--+ +
Scarbourough Fair--+ +
Homeward Bound--+ +
El Condor Pasa (If I Could)--+ +
Bridge Over Troubled Water--+ +
Mrs. Robinson--+ +
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)--+ +
April Come She Will--+ +
Grateful--+ +
Goodnight, My Love--+ +

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